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Automatically add user topics to favorites

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  • I would request that from the author in that plugin post that you referenced above. I would imagine that it wouldn’t be too hard to change the code if you know how the plugin works!


    it is what i need too!



    Automatically adding a user’s new topic to their own favorites is as simple as this plugin. I’ve unhooked the notification plugin so users don’t get emailed for their own new topics starting.

    * Plugin Name: User Topics To Favorites
    * Plugin Description: automatically adds new topics created by a user to their favorites
    * Author: _ck_
    * Author URI:
    * Plugin URI:
    * Version: 0.1

    function user_topics_to_favorites($topic_id) {
    remove_action('bb_new_post', 'notification_new_post'); // don't email users about their new topic
    $topic = get_topic( get_topic_id( $topic_id ) ); // fetch topic poster's id
    bb_add_user_favorite( $topic->topic_poster, $topic_id );
    add_action('bb_new_topic', 'user_topics_to_favorites');


    wow! it worked! really thanks :)

    so it would be excellent add to fav automatically if each user reply the post

    and also give an option to user to add/remove this setting as default each time he or she wants

    is it posible for you?

    other forums has this function by deafult

    i named the file top2fav.php means topic to favorites



    Keep in mind that bbpress already tracks all topics started and all recent replies by each user in their profile.

    Subscribing to individual threads is something probably better suited to the notification plugin. Serialized meta data would have to be added to each topic with each user subscribed and then removed when unsubscribed. I guess I can look into it eventually if no-one else creates such a feature.

    so keep do it because i am searched whoe of the internet and didn’t find anything

    i know if you develop this plug in it will be one of popular plugin

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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