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Assuming 2.0 will support this like buddy press does

  • Adam


    So question:

    Buddy press allows you to set a configuration where the plugin in works on ONE of your multi-sites instead of across the board. Will bbpress 2.0 do this?

    I also have a second question.

    1.x – 2.0 took WAY to long to come out. How is the process being sped up?

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  • John James Jacoby


    bbPress already does do this, yes.

    The process isn’t being sped up, other than 2.0 being close to complete. What would help is having more developers contribute to bbPress core, and if we had a codex where members could contribute documentation.

    Once 2.0 ships I’ll be looking into how to best setup a codex for us.



    I would do the codex as Jquery did their documentation IMO, wordpress pages/posts. Easy to set up, easy to edit and change, and allows for people to comment saying what changed, how to use or provide feed back.

    Gets the community involved. Thats how I do documentation for ruby based projects.

    Any ways,

    can you explain (since I am not testing this plugin till its 2.0) finished, how we will set it up for multi site to only use with ONE site? will it be done via the dash board?



    So I installed the new plugin to test it out on a local host. How do you set up the “This forum is for this site on multi site feature? and Why do you have the option to allow anonymous people to create threads and topics?

    Would it also be possible to do something like:


    Where multisite is a blog and a series of forums? when this is tried on a local host site I get a white page when visiting multisite1 and only by disabling the plugin do I get multisite 1 and its contents back.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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