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Any suggestions for redirects after mingle import?

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  • Robin W


    ‘is there a simple way…’

    to do what? do you want the new url to look like the old one?

    See this thread on how one user did it for SimplePress:

    bbPress SimplePress 5 Importer

    Also a search with a few of these keyowrds: mod_rewrite, phpbb or vbulletin at Stack Overflow will give you some good examples to go by:



    thanks guys, sorry I was out of town and could not reply, no I just wanted a redirect from the old structure to the new, we host on wpengine and the support desk there was able to figure it out for me, here is how they did it in case anyone else is running into a road block with this

    mingle to bbpress redirect

    @kvr28 Glad you got it sorted and thanks for posting your follow up 🙂



    thanks, actually one of my forum members has been working on it as well, I had shown the wpengine desk his code and above is what they came up with, so he made a change and it works

    here was his thoughts on it

    The reason I asked if you still had an old version running was to check if there might be any variations to the old urls that we might want to process. But as long as people can get to the main threads, its better than them hitting 404s (not found).

    So I tried it and it worked. A bit of redundancy in there, but its working. Very close to mine, not entirely sure where mine went wrong other than that I gobbled across a “/” to “-forum/”. I’m also puzzled by the .* instead of .+ I think his choice to leave off the end-of-line $ is interesting.

    The redundancy I refer to is he captures garbage twice, then uses the 3rd capture. Would you humor me and try…

    Source = ^/forum/.+/.+/(.+)-thread.+
    Destination = /forums/topic/$1/

    I did and it works well, so his might be a better option

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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