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Another Sidebar Post

  • Phill


    I want to start off by saying for the past 8 hours I’ve tried every recommendation I could find in order to remove my forums sidebar. Here’s what I’ve tried:

    • Editing the auth-forum.php file (Pasted in the BBpress root)
    • Editing the bbpress.php file (Pasted in the BBpress root)
    • removing all instances of “get sidebar” from template files
    • BBpress WP Tweak Plugin
    • Removing the sidebar with CSS
    • Creating a child theme
    • Checked Stackoverflow for answers
    • Checked Reddit for answers

    And for the life of me I can’t get rid of that stupid sidebar. What am I missing? This is the only thing keeping me from launching my new BBpress forums after converting from SMF to phpBB.

    I’m desperate for help, anything would be much appreciated.

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