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Anonymous posts by registered users

  • Hi, I’m brand new to bbPress and hoping to integrate it into my client’s existing WordPress powered site. One of the key requirements for the Forum is for registered and logged in users to be able to choose to post anonymously, maybe by way of a checkbox on the ‘Add New Post’ form. I’ve searched for a plugin to do this but had no luck.

    Can anyone please offer any tips or advice? It would be very much appreciated.

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  • You can use the anonymous plugin. It’s complex if the user is logged in and post anonymous. If they want to post anonymous, logout or create a fake account.

    Click on EXTEND on the top of this website, and search for “anonymous”. It was number 11. The search engine on this site it not that great, so you have to go through the list.

    Thanks gerikg, I had found that plugin but my client is insisting on setting it up so that users only need 1 account, must be logged in to post and can choose whether to post anonymously or not. So the bb-anonymous-posting plugin doesn’t fit the bill in this case.

    There used to be a mod for this exact feature on phpBB2 but it no longer works on phpBB3. I’m keen to move away from phpBB anyway. I’m also hoping to avoid the vBulletin if at all possible.

    We do have some budget available if anyone would like to take this on??? I would imagine there might be quite a few takers for a feature like this.

    What do you actually need? You mean that every user will have its own normal account and when they are going to post, they can tick checkbox to stay anonymous so noone other will see who send that post?

    Send me more info to



    Hello everyone!
    I also have the same need, but i can’t find any solutions by googling((
    Could anyone help?
    What need:
    There is user who is logged in. When he is going to post new topic or reply, he want to tick checkbox (for example “Post as anonymous”) to stay anonymous so noone other will see who send that post.
    Thanks in advance!




    That sounds like custom development right now, and you may need to hire a developer to create this for you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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