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Ann: Tannagh Radio – Now Powered by bbPress

  • Hot Dang! I finally got my radio station web site up and running using bbPress! You can see it here: … as you can see, the front page isn’t your out of the box bbPress front page. It’s actually driven by a completely different database on a different server all together. It rocks! Getting that one page to work as it currently does was a big pain. I still have some work to do on the site, like getting the search and request functionality working, but just getting what I did was a big hurdle. I’ve now got a handle on how bbP works, the rest should be fairly smooth. *crosses fingers…. arms…. legs…. hairs… knocks on wood*

    Go ahead, take a look, poke around a little. Just don’t sign up for the forums, as I’ll be clearing them out again after some testing. To get to the forums themselves, click the link in the left hand “TR Listener Forums”. The new front page was rendered using a plugin that I’m developing to integrate with the station’s database, creating a new file in the template to display the info, and creating a new root file “forums.php” which is an exact copy of the original index.php file. Index.php is then routed to the new front page file in the template.

    Some stats:

    Template: BlackLetterhead by Ulysses Ronquillo

    bbPress Version: what ever stable I downloaded about two weeks ago.

    Running SpacialAudio’s SAM Broadcaster 4.3.6

    Licensing via LoudCity

    Rendered using new & customized template and root files

    Driven by samPHPWeb-bbPress plugin


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