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An Issue with styling and Key Master question

  • Laidir



    I’ve installed bbPress on my site at

    I’m in the middle of tweaking the templates now after copying them all to my Theme folder. I mainly copied the opening and closing tags from my current themes full width template into each file or am doing thatm, but testing when I go to the main forums, everything is thrown an inch or so to the right? It’s fine when I click on a Post to read te post details.

    I have a few tweaks to make yet to the styling e.g. the post titles are too small, but could someone tell me why the main forum look would be skewif?

    The other question is, what is Keymaster and how do I hide that. I prefer not to have the admin label in peoples face when I’m using the forums. I assume Key Master is another word for Admin and I don’t like the sound of it. Can I change that and where?

    I note on some forums that you can create user roles and wondered if thats possible with bbPress and where that would be changed also?

    Thanks for help in advance.

    I like the way the forum is mixing in with my site with just a few changes here and there already. I’m surprised I’ve got this far as I’m hopeless with theming etc. Initially I installed and it took my side bar template as default and had sidebar featured and I preferred a full width forum theme, so copied the files to my theme directory. I’d be grateful for the help or hints on how to fix the front page to get it in line.

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  • smokeradiosocialmedia


    Sorry this doesnt address your issue. But im interested in your last paragraph. I also want to make the forums to not have a sidebar, Can you explain how you did this?

    Although at another read, was it just copyng the WordPress themes into the BBPress themes folder and is this what caused your problem?

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