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Amazing how the “private topic” feature is not available

  • waxxx


    I’ll be brief : Why there is no feature for “Private Topic” where only The admin and the original author of the topic can access and view it? It’s amazing that such a feature is not developed !

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  • Robkk


    It’s amazing that such a feature is not developed !

    Is this feature really easy to create??

    Since bbPress does not have a view other users threads/replies and a reply to other users threads/replies user capability, I guess no.

    You might be able to do this with the Private Groups plugin but that would take a lot of time to create each group.

    A private emssaging plugin or a plugin like BuddyPress that has private messaging could be a good alternative though.

    If you need this developed for you, you can always hire a developer to create this for you.

    But really I have never seen anybody turn bbPress into a ticket system.



    I know. I use the “bbP private groups” plug-in. Takes a bit to set-up, check that you don’t accidentally set ALL the forums to private with a user account in a different browser – that’s what happened to me with “out of the box” installation.

    Vote me in for native implementation.





    I vote too for this feature, I ask to Wilson B. (Private Group’s developer) if his plugin do that and if he could integrate this feature in a new version.
    It will be great !!

    Robin W


    let me look at this – it should be fairly easy, but I am away for a few days, so let me look at it next week !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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