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Am I missing something?

  • I’ve been running WP sites for a while and have 1 site I use for testing. I installed bbpress as a plugin, and see all the admin screens for it in WP. But am I supposed to install 1.x as well on that server or something? no pages show up when I go to or any other auto generated forum paths… I get 404 errors. So did I do a partial installation and need to install something else???


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  • Ok after 10 min it seemed to start working and the 404 errors went away… but I have to say the 2.0b WP pluging forums do NOT look like what I would expect a bbforum to look like. They don’t look like this forum that’s for sure. It looks more like a WP site that any registered user can add articles to. Not sure that is what I was looking for. I’d like to have what LOOKS like a bbforum… is the bbpress 1.x what I should install?

    John James Jacoby


    Read through the sticky topics here. It sounds like your theme isn’t compatible with bbPress, or something isn’t configured correctly.

    yup looks like the theme is at fault… but that is a theme I like… so will wait for 2.0 to come out of beta and for now use stand alone…

    John James Jacoby


    If your theme isn’t compatible, there isn’t anything more bbPress can do. You need to talk to the theme author and ask them to update it.

    Genen, If I were you I would go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and create a menu option for your forum page. Then go to the Widget area and install the Menu widget. Some themes have a navigation bar area in the Menu setting and that is where the link to the forum really should go. It looks like your theme doesn’t have that so you’re going to be stuck with the Menu widget which will put your forum links over to the side, but it’s better than nothing.



    Thank You Fartlek!!!! This post is exactly what I needed!!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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