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Akismet going nuts today?

  • All my forums are filling up with tons of false positives today… lots of normal posts being marked as spam.

    Anyone else facing the wrath of Akismet today?

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  • chrishajer


    Not having that experience here. Akismet has been accurate today.

    Yah I use Human Test – it’s great!

    Ah ok, maybe it’s just me… I’ve had maybe 100 comments go into spam today!



    Is skip-akismet at least protecting your moderator+admin posts?

    Akismet can be very problematic.

    _ck_ – I’m using your skip-akismet plugin and thank goodness! At least my authors/moderators/admins are spared this.

    Akismet is going absolutely bonkers on all nine of my bbpress and WordPress installs… it just started a few days ago. I thought maybe it was connected to skip-akismet, but some of the *press installs aren’t using skip-akismet and they are still having problems!

    Seems there is lots of ham being incorrectly sent from bbPress as spam. This may be having a knock on effect elsewhere. I’m trying to track down the problem with these false reports from bbPress at the moment.

    Thank goodness… the Akismet craziness stopped! Finally getting a “normal” amount of spam.

    What an exhausting experience! I’ll never rely on Akismet again…



    I have another idea for skip-akismet – an option that if there are no links in the post, don’t bother checking akismet. Not too many spammers are link-free, it would serve no point.

    Wouldn’t work on the WP side where they can put URLs as anonymous but I can use the logic that if they are a member and don’t put any links in their post, just let it through.

    That may not be a bad check in general for Akismet, actually. Even on WP, if a logged in member posts something without links, it should be ‘okay’.

    The user link can be a spam link though.



    Another idea would be if that the user is X days old

    and has already made X number of posts to skip Akismet.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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