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AJAX interface?

  • I’m working on a video site, and I want to add a comments section to each video. So I plan to create a bbPress forum to compliment each video. But I want to integrate that forum into each video’s existing web page rather than forcing users to load up the existing forum site.

    So, I plan to use jQuery on the video page to retrieve the comment forum’s contents in RSS form, then display them in the existing page beneath the video. That seems like it would be pretty straightforward.

    The tricky part is this: is there any way to create an add comment form in the existing page that uses AJAX-type methods to communicate with my bbPress back end? (It would also have to be able to handle logging in.)


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  • Gautam


    You can interact with bb-admin/admin-ajax.php to make AJAX calls. bbPress also used to do ajax posting before, but then it was removed due to some small bugs. There is a ticket to bring back AJAX posting – #718

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