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Admins and Users cannot edit their Posts

  • deerheadlights


    As an admin, when I press the edit button on any post it takes me to what should be the editing url ( but I get a 404. When I am logged in as a user there is not even an edit button, even though I set the edit time to be 99999 minutes. I’m using a Twenty Thirteen Child Theme, with the permalink setting being postname. Is there some sort of edit.php in the bbpress folder that I have to move to my theme folder? User pages also come up as a 404. I reset permalinks, disabled the forum slug prefix and disabled my plug-ins except for BBPress and it still doesn’t work! Any help would be really appreciated.

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  • deerheadlights


    Oops, forgot to add tags and can’t find a way to edit my post, so hopefully this problem is just me having an oversight. Out of all the forum settings (Edit/Sticky/Merge/Trash/Reply) Edit and Merge will lead to a 404, but the others all work.

    Stephen Edgar


    This sounds like an issue with your Twenty Thirteen child theme, what happens if you switch to Twenty Fourteen? Does everything work?

    It could also be a plugin conflict, check by disabling each plugin until functionality works as expected then you will know what that plugin is causing the conflict.



    I managed to get user profiles and admin editing privileges to work after changed the url style to default instead of post name. But even after setting the user edit post time to 99999 I cannot edit a post as a user. I disabled all plug-in except bbPress and it still would not work.

    I still stand by the first sentence in my previous post.



    I experience a similar problem when permalinks are setup as:

    When changing to a simpler format such as:

    After using this permalink setup I no longer have this problem. Is this a bbPress issue or a theme issue?
    Running bbPress (2.5.8) with BuddyBoss Social Learner Theme (1.0.3)




    bbPress probably doesn’t support many permalink structures other than default and post name. There are a plan to support more in the future though.

    If it works on post name permalink structure it is fine.

    In some cases it could be a theme issue, and that is if it still does not work with the post name permalink structure, and you would need to just copy the bbPress templates into your theme to fix it. An example of this is the default theme Twenty Fifteen. It could also be an issue related to some theme compatibility in bbPress too.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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