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Add information to [bbp-register]

  • WebsitesbyMark


    I want to add additional infomation and help test to the regsiter page.

    I have added [bbp-register] to my register page but it does not show the additional content outside the shortcode.

    With the latest version of BBPpress how do I do that? (if its adding a file to my theme what do I use as a basis and what file structure does it need to sit in my theme? (i.e does it sit in the theme folder or does it need to match the structure of the defualt theme)

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  • WebsitesbyMark


    Looking at the bbpress source in page-user-register.php (in extras) there is a


    before it shows the actual form. So my feeling is that this has to be some sort of bug. (as for me its not showing any content added in the editor on my register page.)

    Can anyone else replicate my issue and confirm its not working the way it should.

    Sorry I have made an mistake with this assumption.



    You should be able to add information to the page you added the registration shortcode to. YOu can also copy the form-user-register.php file into a child theme in a folder called bbpress and edit it and add another notice or a description surround in paragraph tags. You can also create/edit a page-user-register.php file and put that in the root of your theme, and make sure to select the template for your register page.

    I cannot really replicate the issue.

    I am kind of thinking that possibly you may have BuddyPress activated and do not know that the plugin also has a frontend registration form that is created on

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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