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Add Google Adsense to bbPress 2.5.4

  • Matt


    I tried this and it actually works.

      Place Adsense over single from topic

      That is really simple way to place ads over the single topic of your bbpress forum. You just use ftp to customize the following file


      Just place your Adsense ads code over or under

      Also you can place that on otherwhere such


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  • Robin W


    thanks for posting this



    Michael Bryner


    Robkk, that plugin has not been update for a long while. Using old plugins is not a good idea. Too bad they won’t update it and someone else hasn’t made a updated plugin for bbpress and buddypress. I need for both of the plugins and not going to add a old plugin that someone could easy exploit through.



    Does the plugin not work as intended @utahman1971, or you haven’t tried it because it hasn’t been updated for a while? From what I see, it probably hasn’t been updated because bbPress hasn’t changed enough to warrant the plugin being updated (ie, it stills works with the current version).

    If that’s not the case and it simply doesn’t work or has some sort of vulnerability, you could always ask which templates to paste your ad codes in. I prefer doing that over adding yet another plugin that might break during upgrades. With ad codes being touched so little, template edits seem appropriate enough for the job.



    Robkk, that plugin has not been update for a long while.

    Its just about a year old. It is an extremely small plugin that uses the bbPress hooks and filters and most of the code is for the options in the plugin. You can contact the plugin developer in the support forum if you have concerns about it.

    You can also go with what @tecca said and just do simple template edits. Just make sure you have copied the templates into your child theme.

    And you could just not use ads on the forums, there are other places you can put them.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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