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About homepage in bbPress 2

  • Hi, I have installed the bbPress plugin to my WP blog. It works fine, but I dont like the homepage with the list of forums and subforums, I want to view directly a list of post order by freshness, just like here at the Forum page.

    Thanks and greetings.

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  • Is it possible to get this in bbPress 2?

    Any help is welcome..!

    John James Jacoby


    Create a page with the same slug as your forum root. It will appear as an empty page. Then use the Shortcode [bbp-topic-index] to show the topics index. :)

    So much thank you! I try to do this, and talk about what happend…

    Great..! its working fine! Too simple for you but it was a mistery for me.! Thank you again!

    I know this topic is old, but I have to bring something up.

    That is the answer that we are always given, but there is still a major problem– the breadcrumbs still link to the forums-index page. How do you get the breadcrumbs to link to your new page?

    John James Jacoby


    the breadcrumbs still link to the forums-index page

    I don’t understand. Where do you want your “Forums” link to go, other than your forums?

    I want the option for it to go to a page of my choosing. People often don’t like the default forums-archive page (which ends up being the root/home page), so they create a WordPress page with bbPress shortcodes in it to be the forums’ home page. The problem is, when they do that, the breadcrumbs root link, which says “forums”, doesn’t go to that page. it goes to the archive page, or forums-index– which is the page they were trying to avoid.

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    John James Jacoby


    I still don’t understand. Just make them the same slug? The WordPress page will always win.

    I would try that if I knew how to change where the root link in the breadcrumbs (the root link says “Forums”) goes to, but I don’t know PHP well enough. I hope there’s something I can add to my functions.php to change where the root link goes to…

    “The WordPress page will always win”? The bbPress settings’ “Forum base” always overrides a page in WordPress by the same slug for me. This has ALWAYS been a problem for me, on any WordPress installation. I use the Origin theme currently, if that helps any…



    I’m having this exact same problem. Unfortunately my WordPress page does not win when I set them to the same slug. Because of this, I want to use different slugs for my WordPress page that contains the shortcode and my Forums Base. This works just fine, the only problem is in the breadcrumb the “Forums” link takes the user to the forum index instead of the WordPress page with the shortcode.

    Daniel Lemes


    I have the very same issue and to make it clear: i’m using Origin theme too, and the breadcrumbs on topic page have a link to forums list (works fine) and to forum which those topic belongs (don’t work).

    Even creating a blank page with the shortcode [bbp-topic-index], how to use same slug (WordPress automatically puts a number 2 in the end)?

    Forums list (working fine)
    Forum (not working)
    Topic (working fine)

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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