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A question about a plugin [ bbPress Attachments ]

  • pagal


    Hi _ck_ I hope you are listening to me!

    bbPress attachment is working fine. but

    — Is it possible to hide/disable attachment functionalities when a user replying to a topic?

    — I mean, When a user creating a topic (post-form.php/bbpressdotorg/forums/?new=1) then only attachments should work.

    –Otherwise when topic is open, then plugin should not show in threading. like I don’t want to show attachments in bbpressdotorg/forums/topic/not-allowed-attachments-in-threading-so-create-every-new-topic-to-upload-stuff

    Please let me know your thoughts on it. Thanks


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  • pagal


    Bump! Bump!

    Hello, Zaerl, Ben L.

    Are you listening to me?

    I think _ck_ has gone again :-/



    Just in case the plugin author sees this, at least provide an option for having attachments in the replies. There are some of us that need the functionality in both topics and replies. An admin option would be nice.


    I would suggest making it so that only logged in users can add attachments.

    bbPress has the option of allowing guests to post to the forums, so if I turn that on, I end up with guest attachment abilities, which I personally don’t want.

    Great little plugin btw, thnx!



    I found a solution somewhere to disable functions when you are calling post-form to septate files: LIKE

    <?php post_form( array( 'last_page_only' => false ) ); ?>

    I hope, with that kind of code we can disable attachments on replies.

    — Anyone?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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