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A Plugin to make a Forum Read Only

  • Hello,

    I really like the bbPress Forum and its integration with WP, but im a bit surprised at the fact that you cannot make forums read only, and the few plugin’s that say they can accomplished this are outdated, or do not work. Am I confused or am i missing something? I would really like to accomplish this, any help would be great. Thanks

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  • master5o1


    I don’t understand the logic with making an entire forum read only.

    Sry I should have been a little more specific, I have a part of my forum were I would like too be the only one to post topics, and maybe allow users to comment on them it depends. This type of control would allow for things like a “Notification board” or “Recent Updates” were you as the admin would be the only one to post content for others to read.



    An easy workaround (while you wait for a plugin) would be to close the topics right after posting them.



    Add the read-only-forums.php file to bbPress’ my-plugins/ directory and activate.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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