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A big problem, all people inside…

  • IkerMB


    Hello, i put bbpress with the plugin wp social login, well, when I activate the plugin and put to login with facebook, twitter and google…. I have to put ID, and secret Key, to cofigurate….

    Well. I activate the plugin, and a few hours later, I check that the people click in face,twitte or google to login to writte, INSIDE TO MY WORDPRESS PANEL CONTROL!!!

    What happend? how can I configurate my plugin that the people register to writte in bbpress, no inside in my private blog!

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  • Robkk


    They shouldn’t be able to create blog posts in the WordPress backend by default.

    Make sure that you have the New User Default Role set to Subscriber in Settings > General in the WordPress backend. Make sure to also set the default forum role in Settings > Forums to Participant for any new users to get for the bbPress forums on your site.

    If the social login plugin/or any other plugin you are using has a setting to configure the default role make sure to check on that.

    Also know that the SUbscriber role can go into the WordPress backend, but since they have low level capabilities compared to an Admin or an Author, they can only edit their profile in the WordPress backend.

    If you need to disallow users from the backend entirely by user role, install a plugin like WP No Admin.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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