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404 for bbpress/install.php

  • drahmedgalal



    i am trying to install bbpress on my website but i get a very early wear problem.

    i dowenloaded the last version of bbpress >>unzipped >> uploaded to a new virtual directory(i use windows shared hosting) >>then i go to the path of installation >>

    >> then i got a massage saying “There doesn’t seem to be a bb-config.php file. This usually means that you want to install bbPress.” >> i press go to step 1 >> then i got 404 on

    i am running windows server, shared hosting(so no access to iis) ,i have installed blog on

    and i have one sub domain.

    i really want to have this forum application , although i am an developer i am the biggest fan of wordpress and i think i will like bbpress too

    but please answer me quickly as i am fighting for three days now with no results

    thanks allot

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  • chrishajer


    What are the directory paths where you installed WordPress and bbPress, the full path, or at least the relationship between the two.

    Also, if you look, is the install.php file in the bb-admin directory? Maybe all the files were not transferred.



    thanks for reply i got a blog on sub folder and the forum in another separate sub folder

    the install.php is in bb-admin directory but notice when i click “go to step 1” the requested page is

    with no bb-admin folder in the url

    when i add manually bb-admin to the url the setup page open with no problems

    will i have further problems if i continue with the application or there is something wrong??



    Something should come up when you access this URL: but it does not for me, just gives a 404. Maybe index.php is not one of the files served by the webserver? Or your directory structure is different than the URLs you’re trying?

    Can you get a directory listing with FTP or something to show the structure? Or, find someone local who can help you by logging in to your server and seeing where things are. Something is not correct and I’m not sure if it’s configuration or that the files are not where we expect them.



    Actually, because this file is accessible:

    and your forum comes up if you access it like this:

    it seems that the files are installed in the proper locations. Maybe the server is not configured to serve index.php as one of the default files? I think the default on IIS is to look for default.asp first, but there has to be a way to serve index.php by default. That’s what you need for bbPress (and WordPress too, which seems to be working already.)



    To chime in, I’m having the same problem.

    However, it looks like the plug-in just doesn’t know where to find install.php by default. For example, my install.php is in http://…/wp-content/bbpress/bb-admin/install.php but the 404 error comes when the plug-in looks for it in http://…/wp-content/bbpress/install.php

    I’ve found that manually rewriting the URL to the true install.php will side-step the step 1 404 error.



    Having the same problem, believe its due to being on an .asp server. there is some sort of setting to change to search for .php naturally the server is searching for default.aspx or something like that and you need to change this setting.

    The settings have to be changed per folder apparently, im yet to work out how to do this though.

    Anyone got any ideas would be greatly appreciated, been going at it for a week now still no fix



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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