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404 Errors in Internet Explorer Only

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    Hi, i have a wordpress integrated bbpress forum (sharing the same database and users) and everything works great except 95% of the time the forum pages come up as “404 – Page Not Found” errors when using IE7. This only happens in IE as i’ve tested things in Safari, Firefox and Opera on both a mac and PC and have no problems at all. The Internet Explorer 404 errors happen when trying to load any forum page, including all admin screens. Once in a while a page might load up proper and usually you can get the 404 to go away on a page if you sit there and refresh it about 6 or 7 or 30 times.

    The main wordpress backed site (2.3.3) is and the bbpress install ( is in To try and track down the problem, i did a seperate install in using a separate database, not the WP one, and this weird IE only problem starts happening as soon as i add the require_once(‘/home/content/domain/html/wp-blog-header.php’); bit to the top of the bbpess config.

    The wordpress site itself works just fine in IE7 and never serves up these seemingly random 404 errors, its just the forum that is the problem. Any help figuring out what could possibly be causing this would be extremely appreciated! This strange error is driving me nuts, i hate IE!

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    Crossed messages …



    Still, the only thing i can think of that is causing this is some sort of incompatibility between WordPress 2.3.3 and BBpress




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    Regarding incompatibilities between WP and bbP, see this:

    There *are* incompatibilities right now. Things are in flux.



    There’s little reason to run WP *inside* bbPress and it only makes for headaches. Running them integrated but standalone makes each of them faster and has a side benefit – one can work while the other is down for some reason.

    Virtually any of the data you might want from WP can be accessed with a few creative PHP/mysql calls from bbPress. If you let me know specifically what you are trying to do, I will try to help.



    I think i’m going to take your advice ck and not include the call to wp in bbpress.



    Hi, don’t know whether this is solved or not… I am using wordpress 2.3.3 as a Blog section on one of my clients websites. I started getting the IE7 404 error on all my pages after I added almost pretty permalinks to my pages…It did seems to go when I removed the blog-header require statement, but obviously this didnt fix the problem! I set the permalinks back to default in wordpress and the 404 errors stopped! Might be worth trying if you are using pretty permas?…Let me know if it works!

    This is an old post, but I found a GREAT fix for this issue detailed in this article >>

    The code I finally replaced the “wp-blog-header.php” is here.


    * Blog Header Error Fix *


    // Include WordPress functionality

    $currDir = dirname(getcwd());

    // Make sure this isn’t install or admin (go up if it is)


    $currDir = dirname($currDir);


    die(“Cannot find WordPress integration files.”);

    // ***** OLD Blog Header Line *****


    // ***** New WP Integration stuff *****







    Made my life ALOT better….

Viewing 8 replies - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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