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404 Error When Jetpack Connected to

  • pschlenker


    Our website uses the bbPress plugin to create forums. When I connect the Jetpack plugin to, non-admin users get a “Well, this is embarrassing” 404 not found error when they try to access any of the forums, whether the forums are public or private. Users with the Administrator role are able to access the forums without difficulty. When I disconnect the Jetpack plugin, forum access for non-admin users is restored.

    Before you suggest that I disable all plugins and themes, and reactivate them one by one until I find the offending plugin/theme, be advised that I can’t do that on our live site because it would cause all sorts of issues for our users. I can’t troubleshoot this issue in my local development environment because I can’t connect the Jetpack plugin to when the website is running in my local development environment.

    And yes, I already tried switching to a different permalink format/structure temporarily, and then switching back. It did not solve the problem.

    I’m running WordPress 5.8.2, and bbPress plugin version 2.6.9. Our website is located at

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  • Robin W


    it’s great that you have taken the time to understand the standard tests required, they do solve 80% of issues which is why we ask for them, we don’t do it to annoy you.

    the issue may well be a 3 plugin combination thing – so bbpress in combination with another plugin and jetpack, which is why ideally you would carry out the tests.

    Given that you cannot, then there are two elements to user access – the wordpress level and the bbpress level

    eg ‘administrator’ for wordpress and ‘keymaster’ for bbpress.

    I think you best bet would be to set up a user and work through the combinations to see what works and what doesn’t – eg does admin and participant work, but not subscriber and keymaster, does admin work with moderator etc etc. That would help decide what the override that is allowing ‘admins’ to see stuff is.

    Then come back and report

    Robin W


    also could you list what other plugins you are using, and what theme

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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