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  • bbolman


    Very nice. Great integration.

    Thank you very much. I have to say that the integration process (that is the full integration with the theme and all) was not straightforward or easy enough for the average user, I had to do some wacky stuff to get it working correctly on more than one occasion. This is currently the only problem I have with bbPress. Hopefully at some point, bbPress will plug right into a wordpress theme out of the box, or at least be much easier to do.

    I also want to add some kudos to the bbPress project for including pagination out of the box, something WP sorely needs.



    I definitely agree with you on the “it would be better if they worked right out of the box” bit. I feel like, while the user-integration was worked on pretty thoroughly at the beginning of development (and don’t quote me on this cause I’m just guessing) the theme integration aspect could have used a lot more work. The whole idea is that the two softwares should be able to just be thrown together and work for joe shmoe, but really, you have to have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing to really get it going.

    I agree that the user integration is satisfactory, however I would love to see a standardized method of doing the theme integration. The problem I had was that the wp/bbp precautions were layering, and lots of stuff was getting double escaped, etc. I could not complete a satisfactory integration without editing included core files, which did not make my sysadmins very happy.

    That’s a nice site, and I love the fact that you made a ‘fancy’ menu without using Flash. Also I really like the effect of that Start Selling badge :P. The colour for stickies in your forum is a bit dodgy though, it might look nicer if you used the sidebar orange for that (and for the green headers maybe). :)

    I don’t understand the necessity to use WP headers, though. Surely the amount of work needed to standardise the header is far less when you just copy the code? That’s got poor maintainability I admit, but there shouldn’t be anything you need to edit often in templates and if you really needed it you could write and use some wrapper functions that would determine which stuff to load.



    I’m just throwing this in, but is it just me, or did I miss something, but I feel like work on bbPress has stalled? We haven’t had a new version in a while.

    Few things regarding the wordpress header. The main reason for this is that I want access to the wordpress functions. This is because the sidebar has bbPress user account functions, such as view / edit profile. I need to know what the user’s wordpress id is in order to create these links when bbPress isn’t running. Granted, I could just send them to the wordpress profile, however I don’t care for the wordpress user profile page. It takes them completely out of the site. In addition to this, I dont really want them on the dashboard, for any reason. I eventually plan to extend the profile pages to include user comment activity in addition to forum activity, etc. I couldn’t do that without both systems running. As for the rest of the general integration, faking this functionality by copying and pasting code and duplicating everything seems lazy and sloppy.

    btw, the flashy menus etc were created with the aid of mootools. This is an awesome javascript framework, with a great community standing behind it.

    I would’ve thought the duplicated code wouldn’t be more than some basic HTML; CSS can easily be linked to and you have a different API anyway. I can’t say I really know, I haven’t done it. Your function to create the links could easily check if it was called from bb or WP automatically and respond appropriately, but I understand needing the WP API.


    Biggest deal breaker was that parts of the sidebar are generated WP category list. There’s no way to fake that.

    Manually query the category database and output it? Not that it matters. :P

    Integration wht data base no problem, but can i integrate bbpress to a WordPress Page? like

    Not yet, or at least, not as far as I know. Note that that website doesn’t have it as a WP Page, either. You can, however, put it in a folder in the desired location and make it look like a WP page.

    Ok tks, I hope that plugin can be created to integrate it to the WP, since he would be very useful

    atomAstro, how did you get your titles/rss to work?

    (I’m assuming your using WordPress for your blog)

    I think I might have a problem with the theme I’m using, but I’m not sure.



    Wow! Absolutely beautiful. Nice design and integration. Congratulations on a job well done.


    @davidbaldwin, the titles and rss are on a toggle, basically, when the page loads up, I check to see if bbpress is running:

    global $bb;

    if it is I switch the title to bbpress using bb_get_title(), and switch the feed to bb_feed_head();

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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