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2 plugins i needed

  • wenlujon


    I’m running WP 4.1.1 and bbpress 2.5.6

    I wonder if there’re plugin:
    1. shows if a topic has picture or not (in the topic title), it’s better to show the sizes of the pictures if any, that’s important for portable devices since traffic is expensive
    2. shows if a user is online or not below his/her avatar

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  • Robkk



    this sounds kind of like custom development , but i think it would require maybe adding featured images support to topics. Placing the featured image template tag from WordPress and put it near the topic title maybe with a hook. Then use this plugin to catch any attachment in the post and have it as its featured image.

    like i said this is some custom development so im not completely sure how it would turn out , but post a job at and maybe someone else will develop this for you.


    there is a few plugins that add this kind of functionality but i think a paid plugin like userpro will have this type of thing for sure.

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