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1.0 Development Plan?

  • Is there a version 1.0 development plan anywhere? I’m curious what new features we’ll be seeing in bbPress.

    Additionally, are there plans to update the web site design (like and add a Codex?

    That “future of bbpress” announcement in January was very exciting, but it doesn’t seem like much as happen since then. Other than the WP 2.5 integration of course, which is great don’t get me wrong.

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  • _ck_


    I suspect most of the efforts are probably going into BackPress so they can get TalkPress going (the version of bbpress). bbPress is benefiting from the work but I doubt we’ll see the resources you are requesting anytime this year (at least not until 1.0 is out)

    The trac roadmap is a (very limited) resource you can use as a reference, sorry that’s all I can think of:

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