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1.0 aphpa 2: WordPress & bbPress integration logins not being passed to each

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  • Sounds like a cookie problem.

    Have you made sure that your wp-config and bb-config have both defined the special keys like:



    And of course the secret cookie key?

    I’ve chedked them about 5 times but with the hope that your suggestion and good energy might find an issue, I just checked them again but they are the same apart from the fact the the bbPress ones have BB_ before the variable names.


    define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘phrase 1’); //

    Change this to a unique phrase.

    define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘phrase 2’); // Change this to a unique phrase.

    define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘phrase 3’); // Change this to a unique phrase.


    define(‘BB_AUTH_KEY’, ‘phrase 1’);

    // Change this to a unique phrase.

    define(‘BB_SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘phrase 2’); // Change this to a unique phrase.

    define(‘BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘phrase 3’); // Change this to a unique phrase.

    Yeah the bb-config has to have BB_ defined, no need to change.

    Have you checked in your bbPress admin panel:

    Settings > WordPress Intergration

    That all the stuff it wants if filled in with correct information


    I’ve mapped the roles.

    I’ve set the wordpress and blog addresses which are the same.

    I’ve put in “auth” cookie salt.

    I have NOT put in “secure auth” as my WordPress admin options page did not have one

    I have put in “logged in” cookie salt.

    I’ve copied the foolowing to my wp-config.pgp file

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ”);

    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ”);

    and added the “Manual bbPress config file settings” to the bb-config.php file, however in this section it says “Afterwards, the settings in this form will reflect the hard coded values, but you will not be able to edit them here.”

    What is hard coded where? I didn’t see any difference to this page after adding these speedup settings to the bb-config.php file.



    Same issue here…

    Slightly off topic, but im not sure if having a space in your keys is a good idea. Might want to remove the space in them. If you do make sure your wp-config and bb-config match after the changes


    Are you suggesting we go back to alpha 1?

    Well, the issue has not been resolved and it is a problem with Alpha 2. For now I myself am going to stick with Alpha 2 until an update (or plugin for wordpress as the keymaster mentioned in the linked topic above) is released. This problem would probably require some code modification, but I don’t have time to carouse the php at the moment. At least they forewarned us by calling it alpha :)

    That’s good,

    I first sounded as if we should take a step backwards.

    Sorry for my misinterpretation!

    So was this issue supposed to have been resolved in the 1.0 final release? I just installed it and am having the exact issue. When I login to bbPress, it logs me out of WordPress. I have searched several posts, and ensured that the cookie AUTH keys are all the same in WP and bbPress config files. The home site URL is the same as well. I even installed the WP bbPress Integration plugin as recommended, and added their extra code to the wp-config file.

    Anyone else still experiencing thing? I hate to bring up an old topic, so if it’s been resolved somehow, lemme know! :)

    What cookie plugin of wordpress do you have installed ? You could use only one login form like me, i’m using only the wordpress login form.

    Thanks for the reply! I resolved it! I had taken the AUTH keys from the options page of WordPress and entered them in the bbpress config file. I had assumed that by them already being listed in WordPress, that they were already in the WP config file. Apparently I was wrong. Once I ensured the AUTH keys were in both config files, it instantly started working. Woot!

    Hi smi1ey,

    Could you elaborate on how you resolved the problem? I’m facing the same problem that you have but I don’t really understand your solution.


    Navjot Singh


    I also can’t login to both installs simultaneously. I am using WordPress 2.9 rare and BBPress 1.0.1 version. Please help.

    @toosalty & @navjotjsingh

    WordPress 2.8 integrates easily with bbPress 1.0

    I just wrote a post today :

    I will also be writing a post on how to upgrade existing integrated installations (most probably tomorrow morning). Let me know if you are facing any issue, I will try to help.

    P.S. – No plugin is now needed for integration. ;)



    @Ashfame – You keep insisting that no plugin is needed – however, I could not make the integration work until I installed the plugin –

    I have WP installed in a subdirectory, and BBPress installed in a sub-domain. The plugin helped me to discover how to a) make the cookies register in the same root domain, and b) define the cookie hash that was missing.

    In short, although it may not be needed – it is useful. In my humble opinion.

    I have the same problem… any solutions?

    ashfame’s guide is pretty clear on the steps. For me, the key was going to http://YOURSITE/wp-admin/options, grabbing the AUTH keys there, then pasting them in the correlating section of the bbPress config.php file in the install. Once they both had the exact same cookie codes in their config files, it worked like a charm.



    I used smi1ey method worked nice,thanks for explanation buddy

    Rohan Kapoor


    You could also upgrade to 1.0.1 which is much easier to integrate and install.


    I keep saying that because I have done it without the plugin. I don’t get the point of using anything else when they support integration natively.

    Ashfame, if you check the purpose of that plugin, it’s for cookies to work both ways seamlessly; so it’s “native” for database but I don’t think it’s native yet for all cookies.

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