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[1.0-alpha6] Links with quotes breaks

  • If I do this:

    <a href="">This is my link</a>

    I get this:

    <a href="//;">This is my lin</a>

    If I do this:

    <a href=>This is my link</a>

    It works.

    I’m totally dumbfounded.

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  • Fernando Tellado


    Same problem.

    I’m using these plugins if they affect:

    – bbcode lite

    – highlite code

    – allow images

    – buttons

    (names aren’t exact but I think you know what plugins are)



    I can also confirm this problem. 1.0alpha6.

    Could Sam or somone else working on this please let us know when there’s a fix available (in trunk or in new alpha for download).

    I turned off all plugins and flipped to default theme to verify. Okay, three of us means it’s TRAC TIME!




    My guess is that it happened here:

    In any case, could this possibly be the reason why saving a webaddress in the profile seems to be out of order as well?

    Anyways, appreciate it if you could look into this.

    Woah … You’re right. I went to re-save my website and it’s gone.

    Sam says it’s fixed in this

    And no, it’s not fixed. It’s still broken to hell.

    dp – no idea why

    Okay, the fix (one file) did not work. What did work was re-uploading everything from the latest trunk build.

    Leaving the stuff below to show I recognize I’m a tard

    Sam, it’s really NOT fixed.

    On a BRAND NEW post I get this

    <a href=""">This is my link</a>

    TWO quotes at the end. TWO. Not one. And I can’t edit ’em or they break worse. They ONLY work if I leave out quotes.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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