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0.9 install (or add new user) failure

  • sgatz


    I’ve installed bbPress on my development machine (a Mac Mini) where I don’t have sendmail configured (or at least configured properly). This usually causes my own scripts to fail with a message or throw warnings. In previous builds of bbPress it managed to not care about this and added new users just fine (especially upon install – it just showed me the password & moved on gracefully).

    Now, in 0.9.01, I can’t install – it fails after I enter my username and first forum details. And by fails I mean my browser says it can’t connect to the server after I hit submit.

    I worked around this by copying over tables from another installation of bbPress on another machine, but then I can’t add new users through the normal registration process. Fails in the same way when I submit the user.

    This bug might be too specific to my own environment, but my thought is that it should at least get caught by bbPress and a nice error thrown up (even nicer would be if it just ignored this).

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