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    Hi Trent,

    hope you don’t mind but I just posted a few AMP href examples on your forum. There’s no reason bbPress feeds can’t become fully fledged pod/vidcast feeds, all you need is enough Quicktime content and mp3’s which AMP makes possible.

    And Dr Mike … yes zeug is literally everywhere/everything! “Nach festem Gesetze, wie einst, aus heiligem Chaos gezeugt” Holderlin

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    Yeh AMP has 2 ways to embed media, one uses SWFObject to embed Flash movies, like all the youtube etc stuff. The other tests simple href links in the page for media file extensions .mp3, .flv, .mov etc, and if it finds them it loads em.

    It’s just the SWFObject javascript embeds that need to be handled behind the scenes by a bbPress plugin as I take it most everyone knows how to make simple href links. For these all you need is the javascript call in the head:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://PATH TO PLAYER DIRECTORY/anarchy_media/anarchy.js"></script>

    And yeh, no idiocy required, apart from my own idiocy of ommission … I should really get around to documenting what anarchy.js actually does and add that to the download package so it’s all clearer than opaque mud… sort of more a translucent mud hopefully.

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    Not yet … but I’m still interested. AMP will still work if you add the javascript to the header either from the standalone player or from wordpress with the amp plugin installed. Picks up any links to flv, mp3, mov, mp4, m4v, m4a, m4b, 3gp, wmv, avi and asf. The youtube etc flash players would need to embed javascript though and so will need to be ported to bbpress via quicktags … which is what I’m looking into.

    I forgot to mention that if you’ve already got a WordPress AMP then you can just call that javascript in the header and not even install the standalone plugin. It can do mediawiki’s, most bboards, straight html, whatever’s on your network. Except maybe Zope, I can’t get it to parse the javascript.

    Actually I’ve got a standalone javascript that does everything the WP plugin does … except load buttons to automate the code. And I’ve had it working in several BBPresses since mid last year. Add the js call in the header and it will load any simple href link to mp3, flv, mov etc. in a player.

    I’ve been meaning to get around to modifying the WP plugin for BBPress since the official release, it’s on my todo list when I get to upgrading my BBPress installs for several WPMu’s. That’ll be a while yet though and I’ve yet to acquaint myself with BBPress plugins, is there a good quicktags plugin I can check out for starters?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)