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Use the possibilities of the WP plugins …

  • one question … I take simply …

    I have several plugin about layout on my WP posts …

    I can for example do this

    [video]url-youtube-video[/video] … and I have a video with all the good code …

    or …

    [name-of-my-link->url-of-my-link] and my link has the good name … The question is … with integration, is it possible, by default, the forum has these possibilities ?

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  • Rod,

    Right now, the integration with wordpress is strictly login related. The plugins for WordPress currently do not work with bbPress because of the differences in how they work with the system. I have requested the YouTube plugin for bbPress from the author of the Anarchy Media Plugin for WP and I hope this gets out there soon! Plugins don’t take too much to convert over to bbPress, but they still have to be converted to work with the system.


    Thanx for your answer Trent … my question is also simple : where is the difficulty to do this ? Or in other words : is it hard to realize this possibility ?

    Not very had to write plugins if you are a coder and look at pluggable.php as it uses a similar structure as WordPress. Right out of the box, bbPress may never work straight away with WP plugins without a core change in code.





    Trent, any word on the Anarchy Media plugin for bbPress? This is the last comment I saw:

    Does it just work if you include the JS in the <head> of the document?

    Unfortunely it doesn’t work that way. I have to check up on that!


    Actually I’ve got a standalone javascript that does everything the WP plugin does … except load buttons to automate the code. And I’ve had it working in several BBPresses since mid last year. Add the js call in the header and it will load any simple href link to mp3, flv, mov etc. in a player.

    I’ve been meaning to get around to modifying the WP plugin for BBPress since the official release, it’s on my todo list when I get to upgrading my BBPress installs for several WPMu’s. That’ll be a while yet though and I’ve yet to acquaint myself with BBPress plugins, is there a good quicktags plugin I can check out for starters?

    I forgot to mention that if you’ve already got a WordPress AMP then you can just call that javascript in the header and not even install the standalone plugin. It can do mediawiki’s, most bboards, straight html, whatever’s on your network. Except maybe Zope, I can’t get it to parse the javascript.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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