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  • It was simply wrong in the id for the translations. I noticed it when i compared it to the bulgarian translation with a little help of EditPlus. I also changed some misspellings and added some of my own flavour to it all.


    – Time format numbering fixed

    – Wrongly entered php-variables fixed

    – Tråd / Trådar / Tråden > Ämne / Detta ämne (or ‘ämnet’) / Ämnen

    – Posta / Postad etc. > Skriv, Skrivet etc.

    – Fräschhet > Färskhet

    – Titel > Rubrik

    – Tagg / Taggar > Etikett / Etiketter

    …and some other stuff.



    NOTE to others. You must change lines for the time specific translations. I’ve tried several of other translations that doesn’t do it correct either.

    Example; Year = bb-includes/

    You can use the linked langage .po-file or check the Bulgarian one out for further reference. It easiest to check the .po-file for line references with a text editor like EditPlus, TextMate or Notepad.

    @Göran: It’s “great” that you have the same problem. Then it probably isn’t some server config hidden away somewhere and the problem will probably be solved pretty soon. ;-)

    Edit: Hm.. when i try to edit the languagefile with Poedit and choose to save it i get 3 fatal errors;

    23:04:20: F:Skrivbordetsv_SE.po:191: message catalog has plural form translations...
    23:04:20: F:Skrivbordetsv_SE.po:2: ...but header entry lacks a "plural=EXPRESSION" attribute
    23:04:20: F:Skrivbordetsv_SE.po:191: message catalog has plural form translations...
    23:04:20: F:Skrivbordetsv_SE.po:2: ...but header entry lacks a "nplurals=INTEGER" attribute
    23:04:20: F:Skrivbordetsv_SE.po:617: 'msgstr' is not a valid PHP format string, unlike 'msgid'. Reason: In the directive number 1, the character 'a' is not a valid conversion specifier.
    23:04:20: msgfmt: found 3 fatal errors

    Maybe it’s related?

    Update 2:

    Tried a Bulgarian translation and it did translate time. It must be something with 1.0+ that isn’t in 0.9 language wise.

    Yeah, probably. I’m trying to figure out now how to translate the topic_time(); -function. The _e(‘Some Text’) is quite understandable, don’t get how to translate a function yet though. I’ve never messed around with translations at all (obviously). :)

    @plrk: Got your E-mail. I actually do have this thread as a favorite, thanks anyway for the update though! (I wished this forum had the E-mail notification option…)

    It works! Thanks!

    However my time-relevant php aren’t translated still. The strange thing is that those functions aren’t touched at all. I’ll have to dig again to see if there are any errors related to the __ -stuff. One would think the default theme wouldn’t have any problem with the translations(?) :)

    In reply to: Remove Topic in URL

    Good day,

    There is a topic about this:

    I can’t get it to work properly with bbPress 1.01 though.

    Hm, this doesn’t seem to work that well with bbPress 1.01 unfortunately. Posting new posts seem to go to hell and it just redirects one to FORUM-URL/

    Any updates?


    Yes, you’ll just have to fetch the username and then have the same username in bbPress and then edit your comments-template.php inside your WordPress template. :) I don’t have the time to fully explain it though, but i will do it myself soon actually so… :)

    This language file causes RSS for forums not to work. And also translations for month, days, years, seconds etc.. doesn’t seem to be translated at all. :f

    Running bbPress 1.01.

    In reply to: PHPBB3 Converstion

    This is very important if one already got a forum but want to have a *GOOD* integration with WordPress on a new site.

    Imagine loosing 4000 users just to be able to change to bbPress. It just won’t happen and it’s a damn shame that there isn’t a converter yet. :/

    Why would anyone want the forum separated and have to do 2x the more work to redesign it all over? …

    Integrating it fully in WP should be #1. Else one can use any other forum or just go with WP-united? …

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