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getting forum to show up on wordpress page

  • silent1643


    okay not sure if this is the right forum category but i’ll ask here

    how can i make the forum display on a wordpress page? is there an object html code or something for doing this?

    ie i want the same header, footer, and sidebar as my blog, i just want the bbpress forum to show up in my content window where a normal blog post would be shown

    thanks in advace

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  • silent1643


    also for some reason when using the theme it doesn’t load correctly? any clue?




    You can’t just drop bbPress onto a blog page. bbPress is a totally separate installation and you have to link to it from your blog. You have to modify the bbPress templates to make it look like your blog. If this is done well, the user doesn’t realize they are jumping between two different programs.

    Tommie Hansen


    Why would anyone want the forum separated and have to do 2x the more work to redesign it all over? …

    Integrating it fully in WP should be #1. Else one can use any other forum or just go with WP-united? …

    Sam Bauers


    It is probably less work to use bbPress than using other forum software if your intention is to re-skin to match your blog. You can actually “load” WordPress inside bbPress (check the documentation), but there is a definite performance penalty in doing that.

    The best performance choice is to integrate your user tables and auth cookies. Then skin your forum to match your blog, but don’t “load” WordPress into bbPress unless you intend to use WordPress functions inside bbPress quite extensively.

    You will probably find the exercise of skinning your bbPress install quite simple compared to other forum software. The templating system is similar to WordPress, so it will be a familiar environment if you have done that before.



    What I did was edit the header file to include the code to load the WordPress stuff and then just included the header file from the WordPress theme. Then edited the footer.php file to just include the footer from WordPress. I did go through and add a few conditionals to the header.php so that different stuff would be in the <head> section depending on whether I was in forum or out of forum.



    i did that on my site

    i added the wordpress loader php file to the bb-config file at the top

    it works like a charm



    I’m looking for a loader.php file to do this. Is it called something else?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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