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  • So it’s likely that my database was latin1 all along, when created in admin, since I haven’t touched it and the only thing that could have is bbPress’ install or upgrade script? I don’t understand why I didn’t get the problems after install then, since UTF8 was specified in config.php, while getting the problem after the upgrade forced me to change it to latin1 in config.php. Have I stumbled onto a bug, or is it something else?

    Edit: I’m no database ninja, so sorry if I’m not getting things. :)

    For some reason UTF8 worked before, but the db was latin1. Does bbPress create the tables in latin1?

    Anyway, changing to the right latin1 table in config.php did the trick. Weird that I didn’t have the issue before the upgrade though.


    I did not overwrite or change config.php at all, since the upgrade instructions said I should keep it. Should I upload the new one?

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    That’s what I did, when using the generated bbPress htaccess code it works, but not with MultiViews.

    Thing is, everything worked just fine with MultiViews, except that Next link.

    Ah well, resolved now. Thanks for the help guys!

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    Thanks for your input, I’ve resolved it!

    It was a mod_rewrite problem. After disabling it everything worked fine, so I took the long road and went and generated a htaccess file, instead of the one using MultiViews etc. That did the trick.

    Weird though, why shouldn’t MultiViews work with pagination, when it works with everything else?

    Ah well, it’s A-OK now, so thanks for the help! :)

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    I managed to duplicate the problem on my own project. Take a look, Next link (Nästa in Swedish, way down) doesn’t work. :(


    The forum is installed in /forum. There’s a WordPress MU installation in the root directory, with working permalinks.

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    Actually, no, I can’t share, it’s a closed forum for a client’s editorial staff. I might get them to move another domain to the server so that I can set it up and replicate the problem there, though?

    And yes, they are working perfectly fine besides this. I was a bit surprised that they were, actually, since there’s a WordPress MU install on the same domain, but they’re playing nicely, and permalinks worked right away using the standard instructions, didn’t do anything fancy at all.

    (Forum was installed after WPMU if that helps.)

    Any ideas?

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