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  • well its hard to restrict the title limit on a community. twitter is hard enough to manage with a limit.

    i was actually surprised that no one has had this issue and there were no plug-ins either. :)

    well words would be fine. 3-4-5 to keep the link short and sweet. of course i am not looking for a wordpress like slug feature. but a vbseo like fixed limit on the number of words.

    i am facing the same problem on my own server. i have successfully tried installing the .x.x versions. this was my first test with 1.x.x release.

    PHP 5.2.8

    MySQL Version 5.0.51a-community

    Web Server apache2handler

    Hmm. managed to fix my problem…

    check for extra spacing at the end of the bb-config file. that might be causing these problems.

    In reply to: invision board?

    hmm the phpbb->bbpress did not work well with me the 2 times i tried it out. i will check it again.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)