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invision board?

  • has anyone been able to develop a covertor from IPB to BBpress?

    i have already tried converting one of the phpbb forum to BBpress but it failed massively. only imported the users not the post content.

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  • I had a massive phpBB forum and this one worked for me!

    I don’t completely recall an IPB to bbPres importer, but it kinda rings a bell somewhere…..just couldn’t find it for you! Maybe someone else will have the thread (if it exists!)




    As far as I can tell, there isn’t one, but you can always do it old fashioned ipb -> phpbb -> bbpress

    hmm the phpbb->bbpress did not work well with me the 2 times i tried it out. i will check it again.

    I think the most important feature for bbPress’ future will be importers / converters.

    People are going to want to integrate their forums with WordPress. And those of use already running vBulletin or IPB are going to want to convert to bbPress!

    Sam Bauers


    We will potentially be adding import/export features during the Google Summer of Code program.

    Good news! Hopefully bbPress will eventually have private messaging in the core so the importers can move over PM data as well!

    Sam Bauers


    Private messaging will not be in core in the foreseeable future.

    The idea is to make the import/export process hookable, so that if someone authors an IM plugin for bbPress, they can query for IM import data and place it where their plugin wants it. They can also hook in to the export process as well.

    Looking for a solid IPB 2.3 to bbPress current. Will pay $$ for a flawless clean GPL script that can be released to the bbPress community. If specific forum #’s can be selected for conversion, even better. Where’s a good place to post this?

    I can’t edit the previous post but before I hire for this project, should I do it straight from IPB to bbPress (which is what I need) or should I have a current phpBB to the latest bbPress created instead? The latter assumption being it’s easier for most to convert to phpBB first, from various others with the phpBB community being so active.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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