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  • Know what? I got fed up with my hosting service. ;P

    I spent the entire morning working on my bbPress implementation, and had an epiphany about ten minutes ago. I asked myself… ‘Why in the name of the seven seas are you using Concentric?’ When I couldn’t come up with a better answer than ‘it’s what I always use’, I whipped out Google, entered the term ‘best wordpress hosting service’, was routed to WordPress’ hosting page, and I just signed up with bluehost.

    So… this is now all moot (hopefully). I’m planning on just working on CONTENT after my nameserver updates happen! YAY!!!!!!!

    I feel like going on vacation :P

    Nope, no offense at all. And I’m more than happyto work with the community as a contributing member. I second your thoughts regarding the release. I don’t think we’re ready either. I suspect WP is under a lot of pressure to bet bb out.

    I’ll make it work… sooner or later ;)

    WordPress is working great. I had a couple of minor config details on the install, but it went in marvelously.

    I know what the problem is. It’s bb_repermalink. It’s creating 404s and endless loops because the code inside it can’t handle the way SunOS sets up it’s system variables. The problem is, I don’t know what the stupid thing is supposed to do, so I cant figure out if the code is fixed or broken (and of course there are exactly zero tech docs on either it or bbPress). There are some REALLY strange regex replace operations in there that frankly look wrong to me, but I don’t know enough about bb at the moment to know how to fix them.

    I’m going to completely disable repermalink tomorrow, and see if I can get the rest of the system to work without it. I tried that a bit ago and at least got past the first page. (although it told me, when I clicked on one of the forums it was displaying that the forum didn’t exist. At least that’s better than 404s and infinite loops.)

    Not caring about SunOS is shortsighted in my view, and calling the current code ‘Golden’ would be a mistake. What I’m seeing in bb_permalink is going to cause major problems in tons of non-Sun machines, I believe. If they release 1.0 the way it is, I predict it will crash on a large percentage of WP users’ machines and engender a great deal of dissatisfaction as a result.

    My 2c, for what it’s worth.

    Well… I beat my head against this wall the whole day and got exactly nowhere. bbPress still is broken, now after over two days… and frankly, I have no idea at the moment how to fix it.

    And… I’ll be happy to assist in any way I can. My bbPress installation is completely wedged at the moment and I’ve spent nearly two days now trying to figure out how to get it to work.

    Sorry. Yes, I was doing some debug testing in (bb_repermalink), and left it in an abused state. It’s fixed now… with my enhanced 404 error reporting, by the way. Something I also need to post in trac.

    I have a php file in my root that calls phpinfo, by the way. If you browse to:

    you can get all the PHP stats from the machine — very informative.

    I’ll have a look at your link. I’d be more than happy to submit a Trac request. In fact, I will do that — as soon as I have dinner ;)

    Yea. It get’s it one step further, but still broken. It’s permalinks and the bb_repermalink routine. On my server it ends up re-linking to the same uri, which causes an infinite loop. I tried _ck_’s old code, but it had zero effect. I also used the same principles (constructing the uri from other SYSTEM variables) directly in bb_repermalink, and that does work — the right uri can be constructed, but I haven’t gotten it to work yet. I need to go through the routine and figure out what it does.

    bb_repermalink needs a LOT of work. It is extremely sensitive to $_SERVER variables not being set the way it expects, and it’s tests are not sufficiently detailed. I’m wondering why it would do any kind of redirection on uri’s that are not links to any forum. We’re just trying to browse to the home page, for goodness sake!

    Well, for the moment, I’ve simply disabled the permalink test in the home page (why would anyone do a permalink test on index.php, anyway? It’s not like anyone is going to link to a forum entry on the home page.

    Alright. I commented out the bb_repermalink(); at the beginning of the root index.php, and that appears to have fixed things. Apparently, on my host isp, REQUEST_URI returns null in the root, and this causes the 404 error.

    Okay. So bb_repermalink is being called with a $location of ‘front-page’. $_SERVER is returning the null string and $_SERVER is also empty.

    This causes the code at line 784 to bb_load_template 404.php because the null $uri does not contain the $check string which, in my case is ‘/bbpress/’.

    SO… my question now is… why in the *heck* is the REQUEST_URI null?

    $location is ‘front-page’

    Next step: At line 784 in, I stuffed the uri into a GLOBALS variable and then displayed it when 404.php ran. It’s trying to redirect to an empty uri, i.e. a uri with a length of zero.

    How do I turn on the ‘bb_log’ing facility, and where does bbPress place the log file?

    Good job on guessing the link there, John! You’re exactly correct. I also get an infinite loop when I go to the one forum, i.e.:

    I’m wondering… could this possibly be due to not having any posts recorded for the forum?

    By the way — just an observation. It would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL if the 404 error page informed us what the bad URL was.

    The 500-error was caused simply because I had an .htaccess file. Once I removed it, things went back to ‘broken normal’. My problem isn’t the 500, but the 404. I’m wondering about the so-called ‘permalinks’, but I believe that applied to pre-1.0 versions. I see no mention of pretty anything in my bb-config.php file.

    Time to get some sleep.


    Welll… when I tried creating the .htaccess file (there are none anywhere else, including my WP installation, which this is integrated with) I got a 500 server error; not a good thing. When I browsed to the suggested permalink URL and tried to change my Permalink settings, it told me it wasn’t an Apache server (The server returned by my ISP, Concentric, has no ‘Apache’ in it — this is a shared (I think Sun) server.)

    So, no joy with your suggestion, which seemed good at first. Thanks.


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