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  • Edit: Im not sure if this works for SMF 2.0

    Heres how I did it, although its pretty annoying.

    Download buddypress.

    Theres a plugin for buddypress called ‘SMF import’ run that.

    Then in admin dashboard go Tools>import>bbPress Standalone

    You can then delete the buddypress and import plugins if you want

    Glad it worked for you also.

    I think it should be implemented in a different way also.

    I just hacked it together because I dont really know the proper way of getting it to work.

    I actually joined just to post this exact problem.

    I managed to figure it out after reading this!

    You were right when you suggested it could be to do with the permelinks because I was using the exact same custom structure of “/%category%/%postname%/” and had the same problem.

    The solution is either a)

    Use the default link structure or


    edit function ‘bbp_get_topic_edit_link’ in file


    with this line of code

    $uri .= ‘?edit=1’;

    just before it returns.

    Then do the same for


    with function ‘bbp_get_reply_edit_link’

    So now the edit url should look like

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)