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  • Automattic is funded and have enough money to hire a lead developer to take charge (same way as wp), what Matt posted really gives me the chill when it comes to bbpress roadmap…

    _ck_ already said three months ago that if things didn’t change by December, she wouldn’t be doing plugins upgrades for 1.0: I can’t understand why Automattic doesn’t send her a $5-10k donation… bbPress would lose so much momentum if she stopped contributing.

    I agree with both of you. I was the one that made that post on bbshowcase suggesting to _ck_ that she accept paypal for donations and/or monetize her site in other ways. But the main sentiment she shared with us is that she feels under-appreciated, which we all can understand because it is TRUE.

    At the end of the day, there is absolutely nobody to blame for all this madness except Matt. He had 2 amazing programmers running the bbpress project for him, for FREE, and instead of showing them some appreciation, let alone paying them for all their hard work (out of his millions of dollars), he decided to be selfish and focus on WP and screw the people who were making bbpress such a huge success.

    He barely gave bbpress any recognition, and still doesn’t. He has just never cared much about it. Christ, look at how shitty the forums are. They haven’t been updated in years. He just grabs the basic forum code for WP and BuddyPress and hacks it to work smoothly, and that’s it.

    There are only 2 reasons why Sam and _ck_ “left”, “are leaving”, or “were removed” and that is because there have been sour relations for a very long time between WP and bbpress. There are only 2 causes:

    1) they were being taken advantage of

    2) they were being under-appreciated

    Both of these are the fault of Matt, who in his juvenile ways has never given 2 shits about the worker bees that he has been so blessed with and who have made his open source projects take off. It’s the same exact attitude that you see with the a-holes at Facebook and other “startup successes” that were simply at the right place at the right time yet who think of themselves as gods.

    Matt, get your shit together, and show some respect and appreciation for the people around the world who made, and continue to make, you successful. You didn’t create yourself buddy. Grow up and show a little generosity and maturity and manage bbpress with some true class.

    This project will not go away people so stop with the farewells.

    …That’s unless Matt deletes it, of course.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)