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  • Fel64: thanks for those explanation.

    I might be able to find this variable somewhere when i’m into the posting proccess, but I’m showing parts of my forum in my main site and I wanted to allow people to post directly from this main site. Now, They have to go to the forum and post, this reduce the probability people would post something.

    Could you help me with that please?

    Thank you


    I’d crave for it too ;)


    My website users might not use the forum directly. So I ‘d like to allow them to read post that could interest them whitout coming directly to the forum.

    For exemple you have a page about Banana Dessert, then I’d like to be able to show off a topic named “How to choose Banana” on this recipe end of page, and also allow my webpage visitor to post a comment from the recipe page. That’s often seen on Yahoo! or such.

    Tks for reading


    I reply to myself (This forum is auto-curative ;P)

    So for the people who are endeavouring the same errors here is the deal:

    * a format specification for argument 1 doesn’t exist in ‘msgstr’ : This error is due to a missing variable in the translated string -> In my case a %s was missing.

    * field `Language-Team’ still has initial default value : This error means that you have to update information in ” Catalog / Settings / Project info ” -> In my case the Project name and version was something like “bbpress trunk”, the Language wasnt defined, nor wad the Country, Charset and Source code Charset. I still do not have info in the Plural Forms but it’s running.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you encounter problems with ja.po or (Or if you want those files and cannot found them).



    Hey all,

    I just reply to myself…

    Just Want to say that actually the problem is half fixed. In fact, The new topic and in general all new things I’ve been writting since the #745 update are displaying as it should, the only matter is that all that was in Japanese before the #745 update just go wrong.

    As my forum was just up and working for only one day, there is no problem for me, just wanna prevent all others who use Japanese and are going to apply this patch.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)