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#745 Broken my Japanese character support

  • Hello Everybody,

    Firstly, thank you all for those great free Blog and Forum you created. It’s just wonderfull, kinda think that it just couldnt be more what I was looking forward for.

    During the installation I had the “mysql->i<-_get_server_info()” problem and followings that I could fix easily with the #745 patch.

    But, this would have been such a beautifull story … ;P Has the DB error disapeared, all my Japanese texts transformed to “日本語”. Before the #745 patch, I am sure it was working (actually that was the first thing I checked after having it installed cause all my forum is gonna be in Japanese).

    I have to mention that I only installed the genuine thing, I did not install any pluging for Japanese or such.

    Could you be so kind to help me fixing this character problem please?



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  • Hey all,

    I just reply to myself…

    Just Want to say that actually the problem is half fixed. In fact, The new topic and in general all new things I’ve been writting since the #745 update are displaying as it should, the only matter is that all that was in Japanese before the #745 update just go wrong.

    As my forum was just up and working for only one day, there is no problem for me, just wanna prevent all others who use Japanese and are going to apply this patch.


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