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  • Spent an hour toying around with the database and it seems I fixed it by using a backup then updating the database structure via the message given when first entering the admin panel after upgrade.

    Could just be face value though, I’ll keep things posted.

    I don’t know anything about MU and how integration with bbPress and MU works.

    That’s the weird thing, after I effectively stopped it being integrated then it still failed to let me into the admin panel. Even more curious is that although my forum user database still exists, it doesn’t seem that bbPress is now recognising it – even though it’s set to use the same database. All users are displaying as Anonymous or Inactive.

    I think I solved why I can’t access the admin panel though… it doesn’t appear that I’m an admin anymore…

    Ahh, no, that’s because I’m running WordPress MU, which seems to have a thing where if the page doesn’t exist then it gives the option to register it as a username.

    Hi, I’m currently having a similar problem. Having just upgraded to the new version of bbPress and taking advantage of it’s automated WordPress integration. However upon completing this I found I couldn’t access the admin panel.

    I removed the bb-config.php file and ran through the installation again, leaving out the sections relating to WordPress integration. However I still cannot access the administrative panel.

    I’ve tried some of the recommendations around the forum such as this, but to no avail.

    Ideas? Feedback appreciated.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)