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    thanks a lot !

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    by the way (and perhaps off-topic) : is there a benchmark plugin for wordpress ? can’t seem to find one in the plugins directory for wp


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    have a look at the forum now (

    runs a lot faster now, doesn’t it ?

    I have made a couple of changes to the php.ini file :



    variables_order = “GPCS” (still need to verify that this doesn’t break stuff)



    closed & saved the file, and php runs must faster now

    (windows 2008, IIS7)

    Also, one of the plugins that I’m using (EnhancedRegistration) was reporting repeated errors in my php log file

    “bbPress ER: Failed to send report”

    I looked up the function, replaced the bb_get_option(‘admin_email’) with a static email address, and now the errors went away as well

    Not sure whether this has improved the code as well, but it certainly couldn’t hurt, could it

    wtih regards to the opcode cache : what would you recommend using ?

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    update : benchmark results :

    total page time: 5.3 seconds.

    time to reach each section:

    bb_underscore_plugins_loaded = 0.172

    bb_plugins_loaded = 5.210

    bb_init = 5.211

    bb_index.php_pre_db = 5.215

    front-page.php = 5.217

    header.php = 5.220

    logged-in.php = 5.247

    footer.php = 5.298

    so apparently one of the plugins takes a long time to run

    how can I find the plugin without having to disable all plugins ?

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    this is a dedicated host, running at home – no option to move it because of too much integration with other stuff…

    I have full access to all components

    anything I can do to get you more info ?

    yes – creating the autoload plugin apperently did the trick !!!

    (I still need to test if all functionality works, but at least I can now see the posts :-) )

    thank, this issue is resolved for now

    bbPress, WP 2.6.2, running on 2008 server

    cookies may not work (due to the incompatibilities), but at least users can now log on just fine.

    thanks for the link

    Now I’m still faced with another problem : nobody can actually open a forum, post, profile or anything else,


    then the page goes blank (browser looks like it’s trying to constantly reloading the page)

    The admin panel works fine

    This is a fresh install, integrated with WordPress, running in a separate folder (not as a subfolder of WP)

    any ideas ?

    or should I open an new post for this ?


    I have reinstalled bbpress in a new folder, outside the wordpress blog folder structure

    the bbpress is integrated with the wordpress database, and uses the wordpress users

    I have completed the installation, and I’m getting the first forum page, with the first forum, however I cannot log in (not with admin user, not with any other user). When clicking the “log in’ button, the page reloads and asks me to log in again

    any ideas ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)