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bbpress slow

  • Hello,

    I have been running wordpress 2.6.x and bbpress on the same server

    While wordpress (with many plugins) runs pretty fast, my bbpress forum appears to be very slow

    Even without plugins, I had the impression bbpress runs much slower than wordpress (with plugins)

    How can I troubleshoot this ?


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  • _ck_


    Are you on a shared host or do you have access to the mysql cache and adding PHP modules?

    Install bb-benchmark and tell me how long it takes for a page to render.

    update: I found your forums and you’re correct, there is definitely something wrong:

    10.275 – 24 queries

    There is probably a configuration issue with your server.

    Let me know if you have root access. It’s going to be difficult to help because you are on Microsoft IIS 7.0 but I’ll see if there’s anything we can do.

    ps. are you running this on your home computer?

    If so, consider moving your hosting setup to xampp, though it still might be remotely possible to install eaccelerator with your IIS configuration.

    this is a dedicated host, running at home – no option to move it because of too much integration with other stuff…

    I have full access to all components

    anything I can do to get you more info ?

    update : benchmark results :

    total page time: 5.3 seconds.

    time to reach each section:

    bb_underscore_plugins_loaded = 0.172

    bb_plugins_loaded = 5.210

    bb_init = 5.211

    bb_index.php_pre_db = 5.215

    front-page.php = 5.217

    header.php = 5.220

    logged-in.php = 5.247

    footer.php = 5.298

    so apparently one of the plugins takes a long time to run

    how can I find the plugin without having to disable all plugins ?



    Give me a list of what plugins you are using and I’ll guess at the culprit.

    If you are using firefox you can copy just the column of the plugin names from the admin menu by using control-click on the table cells.



    By the way, even when we fix the plugin problem, your setup could benefit greatly from a PHP opcode cache (eaccelerator, xcache, APC, etc.) We just have to find one that’s compatible with Windows and IIS which will take some research. It should cut your page times in half, on both bbPress and WordPress.

    Here’s one possibility:

    That site has pre-built windows binaries for eAccelerator as well as good install directions.



    Your front page is now showing 56 queries which is excessive. Something is very wrong there too. I’ll know more after I see what plugins you have installed.

    have a look at the forum now (

    runs a lot faster now, doesn’t it ?

    I have made a couple of changes to the php.ini file :



    variables_order = “GPCS” (still need to verify that this doesn’t break stuff)



    closed & saved the file, and php runs must faster now

    (windows 2008, IIS7)

    Also, one of the plugins that I’m using (EnhancedRegistration) was reporting repeated errors in my php log file

    “bbPress ER: Failed to send report”

    I looked up the function, replaced the bb_get_option(‘admin_email’) with a static email address, and now the errors went away as well

    Not sure whether this has improved the code as well, but it certainly couldn’t hurt, could it

    wtih regards to the opcode cache : what would you recommend using ?



    That’s better but your query counts are still too high.

    Way too high.

    You could post the list of queries from bb-benchmark here and I can take a look at what’s causing that.

    eAccelerator is probably the way too go.

    It’s a tad slower than Xcache but it’s far more stable.

    Assuming you are using a 2ghz+ cpu that is only lightly loaded, you should be seeing page render times around 100ms on an optimized setup with proper mysql and php opcode caches.

    by the way (and perhaps off-topic) : is there a benchmark plugin for wordpress ? can’t seem to find one in the plugins directory for wp




    You are getting an error with admin_email because in bbPress 0.9 they decided to change it to from_email with no support for the old variable (bad move). That plugin obviously never got updated.



    You can make my bb-benchmark work on WordPress with a few changes.

    Most notably you’d have to add the line:

    add_action('wp_footer', 'bb_benchmark_output',999);

    if (bb_current_user_can( 'administrate' ) ) you just have to take off the bb_ part and make it current_user_can

    Oh and all $bbdb has to be changed to $wpdb

    It won’t be able to calculate the timing between sections until all the hook names are added which unfortunately I don’t have the time right now to lookup. But it will still show you overall times and mysql queries.

    thanks a lot !

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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