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  • “Not to be rude, but no wonder why both Sam and _ck_ left. I’m feeling like a battered women who just now realized that I’ve been abused for the past 2 years. “


    He does make some good points. Development is so poor atm, even I am abandoning this forum. bbPress feels kinda dead now, there was some hope when Matt did some involvement, but after 3 irc meetings or so this is gone as well. The last convulsion so to say. More and more people ar leaving and with good reason. Also some bad decisions have been made (in my oppinion) like making it a plugin for wordpress (though I understand why, but I would have liked a stand alone one too) and Backpress intergration (I mean, who is using that at all? It makes the forum way slower and bigger too). To be honest 0.9 is and feels way faster then 1.x and has many good and working plugins.

    It’s a shame, it could have been some great forum software, it started so good :-(

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    Search before you post? There is a plugin for this

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    Indeed, the poll is a joke, they already have decided to work on WordPress integration OR Matt didn’t do his homework and check if any plugin existed first and just copied the results into a poll.

    I guess people are too lazy to check if there is a plugin or don’t understand the way bbPress is set up: as small and less feature rich as possible, giving you the option to customize it anyway you like (through plugins etc)…. Would be a shame if that idea disappeared…

    If bbPress stops being a stand alone program, I’ll leave it. People seem to forget it’s a forum and not WP++.

    Optional TinyMCE addition…… please NO! TinyMCE is crap! When I read this all, bbPress is going to look like/ act as WordPress too much , it wont stay as clean as it is now.

    Please keep it stand alone, don’t copy everything from wordpress (like TineMCE, where a plugin can be made for). If people want all these options, then they have installed the wrong software and should install WP, where bbPress can act as a plugin.

    Don’t turn it the other way around!!

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    I think there is more going on behind the scenes then we know. Sam leaving all of a sudden, no one continuing this project and no reaction from any wordpress developper (or Matt). Seems like they are letting this project die (and just gonna buy simplepress in the near future??).

    It’s a shame…

    For _ck_ any change we can acces the forum (but lock all topics and dont allow new ones to be created) so we can still benefit from the knowledge already posted there?

    Greetz Nuul,

    Damn, just as I am on the edge of releasing a cool new plugin :)

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