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    I have been coming to some realizations as to what exactly is happening and some ideas on how to tackle the issues. The solutions I will propose will not be optimal, but better than the current default.

    When using bbPress for new user registration they are actually using the WordPress system for user registration. Now I have tried a few plugins to avoid spam with user registration but most seem old and none seem to work out of the box. Welp, if you cant beat them, join them. Instead of using the bbPress registration form maybe I will direct the user to the WordPress backend, or a page similar to the default WordPress backend that I stylize to look like my site’s page. There I can include links back to the forum and they dont get this feeling like they have left my site.

    Regarding the registration email, this is actually the WordPress registration email. You can change this to your liking with a host of plugins.

    Overall I think there are a lot of rough edges. I cannot ask for too much since this is free, but given the number of support issues revolving around these topics it would be cool if bbPress could incorporate these features on its own. It would make this great plugin just that much cooler.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)