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Change registration redirect and email content

  • nickhepp


    Hello, I will apologize in advance if this has been covered but I see bits and pieces around these topics but the solutions are outdated or I just dont get the whole solution.

    I would like to modify two things about the bbPress forum registration process:
    1) I would like the user to go to a page of my choosing on successful registration, not WordPress backend login.
    2) I would like the registration email to contain a link of my choosing (same as 1) instead of to the WordPress backend login.

    I have seen many posts on this forum suggesting to edit certain php pages which I am comfortable with, but the details must be for old versions of bbPress b/c I cannot find the PHP pages in question. I have downloaded most of my website through FTP and tried to text search for the specific functions and cant find them either. I know I am missing something. Other things I have seen mentioned are including filters. I am really unsure of how filters are integrated into the solution (I am very new to WordPress). I think I am close to a solution, or if someone has a really nice plugin I would love that.

    Here are my environment specs:
    bbPress 2.4
    WordPress 3.6

    Thank you in advance.

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  • nickhepp


    I have been coming to some realizations as to what exactly is happening and some ideas on how to tackle the issues. The solutions I will propose will not be optimal, but better than the current default.

    When using bbPress for new user registration they are actually using the WordPress system for user registration. Now I have tried a few plugins to avoid spam with user registration but most seem old and none seem to work out of the box. Welp, if you cant beat them, join them. Instead of using the bbPress registration form maybe I will direct the user to the WordPress backend, or a page similar to the default WordPress backend that I stylize to look like my site’s page. There I can include links back to the forum and they dont get this feeling like they have left my site.

    Regarding the registration email, this is actually the WordPress registration email. You can change this to your liking with a host of plugins.

    Overall I think there are a lot of rough edges. I cannot ask for too much since this is free, but given the number of support issues revolving around these topics it would be cool if bbPress could incorporate these features on its own. It would make this great plugin just that much cooler.




    I had exactly the same problem as you did.

    I wanted an easy way to update the email that new users receive.

    After learning that the emails are not sent through bbPress, and instead through wordpress, it was easy to find a better mail plugin that would do exactly what I wanted. I found WP Better Emails.

    It is an HTML (or text) based email plugin that looks much more professional than the usual text based message that WordPress sends out.

    Now, my new users receive a nice little message with links to specific forums:
    Introduce yourself, Popular Posts, and Forum Rules.

    You can see how I use it by visiting my forums and signing up. I’ll delete you after a few days if you let me know.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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