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  • Ah, well, that did help me at least get into my admin area, thanks. Now what else needs to happen, other than deactivation the integration plugin? There have to be some settings in WP and/or bbPress that need to be set back to something, no?

    A while back, I added bbPress to my website. I used the bbPress Integration plugin and followed the screencast instructions, but it never quite worked right. Since then, I’ve seen too little need for integration, and I’d like to just get rid of it — keeping the bbPress installation, but getting rid of integration.

    I can’t find good instructions on how to do this. Further, I can’t even properly get into my bbPress admin area. I log in, but I just get the regular bbPress screen, and when I click Admin, it just redirects me right back to the regular screen. And I do believe this is the result of things going wrong with cookies because of the integration plugin.

    Help! Thanks :)

    Thanks for all the feedback. It wasn’t clear to me just what was the latest version of WP that would work properly with bb Now I’m clear that I’m past that point.

    I have plans to eventually have certain forum members do blogging at the main site. That is down the road, though, so technically I don’t need the integration right at this moment. But that integration would be useful at that point, and I thought I’d just set it up now.

    But it sounds like maybe what I ought to do is remove the integration for now, let the forum exist on its own, and then integrate later once there is a stable version of bbPress that can integrate with WP 2.6.3 or later.

    Any particular advice about undoing the integration stuff I already did?

    Even if I had the patience to upgrade every single time a new WP version came out (which I don’t), that wouldn’t resolve the issue here. The screencast itself said that WP 2.7 will not integrate properly with the latest stable bbPress. If I’m going to undertake upgrades/installs, I’m going to do it with stable versions, not unstable ones.

    If there’s a way to integrate a stable version of WP with a stable version of bbPress, I’m game for whatever upgrading I may have to do with either component. If that’s not available yet, then I’d rather wait and do whatever I have to do at that point.

    Ah, well, that’s good to know. But then I’m in a quandary — there seems no obvious way to get bbPress running with WP 2.6.3, because:

    –bbPress 0.9.04 seeks the SECRET_KEY and the WP database “secret” — the “secret” appears to be available on the relevant wp-admin page, but WP 2.6.3 required no SECRET_KEY in its wp-config file. It’s only there now because I manually added it in, and I’m not sure if that’s legit. In any case, it’s certainly not working now!

    –If I switch to the latest bbPress, not only is it unstable and therefore shouldn’t be recommended as a solution, but it needs the three items from wp-config plus all their “salts.” On that relevant wp-admin page in WP 2.6.3, there simply is no SECURE_AUTH_KEY salt. It’s not clear to me whether the WP database “secret” is the same thing or not, but it’s certainly not labeled as such.

    In other words, there just seems to be a mismatch no matter what. Is there no version of bbPress whose integration settings will jibe obviously with the fields actually available in the various places in WP 2.6.3?

    I enjoyed the screencast and found it very easy to follow. However, I tried it with BBPress and WP 2.6.3. The bb-config setup was inconsistent with both the video and with what is in my wp-config file. I added a SECRET_KEY in wp-config and used it in the bb-config setup, but things haven’t quite worked out. At first, it was just that being logged into one place didn’t log me into the other. Then all of a sudden it looked like BB cookies were staying around even though I’d logged out of both — and when that happened, I couldn’t log into BBPress at all until I manually removed those cookies.

    I’m a bit puzzled why the screencast and the integration plugin would only seem to be valid for an unstable release of BBPress. Yet reviewing it appears that everything should work even the way I did it, and without a plugin at all. Except that it didn’t. Can this be clarified?

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