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    Great stuff!

    @kai920 +1 for adding “register” link to the login widget. And I like Register Plus Redux, that plugin works nicely!

    @anointed Thanks, good tip! Implemented.

    My sidebars disappeared when upgrading to beta 2b. I’m using the Woo Sidebar Manager and I had to move login/registration down in the footer for the time being. I can’t say for sure that there is causation. Esp because Sidebar Manager seems a bit flaky. But it happened at the same time :-)



    Looks like it is possible to register new users with a link like this:

    This displays a page saying “WordPress – Register for this site” which is a bit confusing :-)

    Is there a way to register new users in such a way that it looks like users are signing up to the forum and not to WordPress?

    Also, the email confirmation roundtrip takes the users back to the homepage. It would be super if it took the user back to the forum.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)