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How to add registration when not using bbPress – TwentyTen?

  • Hi

    The forum plugin is amazing and I love it. Huge kudos!

    I’m trying to get a forum up and running at

    I’m using bbPress with an existing Woo template.

    The (only?) thing I can’t seem to add is user registration. There is no widget or shortcode for it.

    I tried adding bbPress – TwentyTen as a child theme, but that messes up the layout, which is to be expected, I guess.

    Any ideas?



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  • Looks like it is possible to register new users with a link like this:

    This displays a page saying “WordPress – Register for this site” which is a bit confusing :-)

    Is there a way to register new users in such a way that it looks like users are signing up to the forum and not to WordPress?

    Also, the email confirmation roundtrip takes the users back to the homepage. It would be super if it took the user back to the forum.



    John James Jacoby


    I haven’t quite figured out the best way to reliably integrate the login/register/lost-password pages into theme compatibility yet. The tentative plan is to finish up their shortcodes so they can be used on any page and ready for 2.0.

    I was just looking into this topic a bit – I wonder if it’s useful to add a “Register” link at the bottom of the login widget inside /bbp-includes/bbp-core-widgets.php? This would bring a user directly to /wp-login.php?action=register and would only display if WP’s “Anyone can register” option was turned on.

    I’ve also just installed the Register Plus Redux plugin ( which allows you to upload your own image for the registration page and gives other nice options.

    John James Jacoby


    That’s probably a better answer. There is no shortage of existing login/registration plugins for WordPress, if you’re anxious to get something going.



    @mhjerde99 Can I make a suggestion on the template?

    Add the following to your woothemes custom.css file in order to get full width forums. I saw your post over there, but didn’t really have time to answer your questions as I am also very busy building a custom woo theme.

    #content table.bbp-topics, #content table.bbp-forums, #content table.bbp-replies, #container table.bbp-topics, #container table.bbp-forums, #container table.bbp-replies, #main table.bbp-topics, #main table.bbp-forums, #main table.bbp-replies {
    width: 100% !important;

    Great stuff!

    @kai920 +1 for adding “register” link to the login widget. And I like Register Plus Redux, that plugin works nicely!

    @anointed Thanks, good tip! Implemented.

    My sidebars disappeared when upgrading to beta 2b. I’m using the Woo Sidebar Manager and I had to move login/registration down in the footer for the time being. I can’t say for sure that there is causation. Esp because Sidebar Manager seems a bit flaky. But it happened at the same time :-)




    glad it worked, it’s only a ‘hacky’ fix, but should get you going.

    Someday, I will write a post on how to ‘properly’ get bbpress forums into a woo theme. It is a huge amount of work, but is something that once bbpress is stable you will only have to do once, or very sporadically.

    Right now JJJ is working so hard and fast on the plugin that it makes no sense for me to write this up as you will end up spending a huge amount of time rebuilding dozens of templates every time there is a bbpress update which effects certain templates. It is not hard, just quite tedious, but the results are worth it.

    The sidebar issue is actually not the fault of bbpress or the sidebar manager. Just wait until bbpress goes gold and I have time to write up the post. Then you will totally understand what is going on with the sidebars. It is not something either JJ or Woo can solve for you until you learn how to ‘properly’ build a woo bbpress theme.

    What do you guys think about adding wp_register(); to the login widget?

    Any opinions on the above? I personally think it would be good to include a “Register” link in the login widget. Curious to hear others’ opinions.

    “This tag displays either the “Site Admin” link if the user is logged in or “Register” link if the user is not logged in.”

    John James Jacoby


    @kai920 – Please don’t bump topics, especially if they’re still on the front page.

    I’m against the idea of using wp_register(); since it redirects you to wp-login.php to sign-up instead of using a registration page in the theme. Also, the idea with community sites like bbPress and BuddyPress, is usually to keep members out of the admin area. Promoting them to enter it seems counter intuitive.

    Yeah, that specific function’s not at all the right one, it seems to be a well-meaning but naive tip on kai920’s part.

    But the basic idea of having a Register link within the bbPress Login Widget is sound, and I’m a bit concerned that it seems to be problematic.

    There needs to be a good bundled method of having a link to Register that does NOT show up when a user is already logged in, and the Login Widget is the most logical place to put it. (Obviously it’s trivial to add a Register link to a menu or widget area that would be present all the time).

    Two naff, but workable, solutions:

    1) Add a field in the bbPress Login Widget for the registration page URL, with “/wp-login.php” set as the default. When the Login Widget is displaying the Log In details, display the registration link (if not blank and if registration is enabled). When the Login Widget is displaying the current user details and log out link, don’t show the registration link.

    2) Encourage users to install a pair of simple widgets. I don’t know if decent ones exist, but they’d be called something like Logged In Text and Not Logged In Text, which as their names suggest are like Text widgets but only show their contents if is_user_logged_in() condition is true or false. It’s then simple to add a Register link or whatever to a Not Logged In widget, which could be placed above or below the bbPress Login Widget. If I can’t find an existing pair I’ll knock them out myself soon, although I suspect what I’ll end up doing on most sites is conditionally displaying one entire sidebar or another.

    The reason both are naff is that it seems pretty clear that there should be a function or method that returns the correct (custom) login page, and the absence of it is causing problems.

    Is WP completely unaware of custom registration pages? It seems so. There should be somewhere central that the URLs (or page IDs) of custom Register and Login pages etc are set – and that this should be site based rather than theme based, much like you can set the front page and posts page in WP Reading Settings.

    Of course, that’s arguably a WP issue not a bbP issue, but bbP as plugin is at liberty to extend WP in useful ways because that’s what plugins do.

    From what you’re saying it sounds like this isn’t part of immediate bbP plans.

    I don’t know whether I’m missing a setting, or if it’s something you’ve fixed since b2 but: having registered using a bbPress registration page, the email that people get with their password includes a link to /wp-login.php rather than my /log-in page that uses the bbPress login template. Using that leaves people in an inappropriate interface that they are probably not intended to see, and will confuse (and lose) users.

    Am I expected to override this myself with a plugin or in my template? That would mean hard-coding page references. It doesn’t seem right.

    I think bbP should just bite the bullet and allow users to specify their login and register pages under Settings. And indeed specify the View Profile page etc. It seems to me that bbP really needs to know where the login page is, and searching for a page with either the bbPress Login template or the Login shortcode (the “magic” method) seems prone to error.

    All that said, I don’t want to seem too negative – I am liking bbPress 2.0 a lot and thank you (and everyone involved) for your time on it.

    John James Jacoby


    @Paul – once again you’re right on target. Originally bbPress hijacked the WordPress login URL function, which proved problematic as there was no settting to to say WHERE that page lived. Same with the sign-up page. These functions of WordPress are not easily extended, but they can be completely replaced. Sadly, replacing them means recoding a great deal of them, which starts to take a great deal of time on something that does already exist and already has pluggable solutions in the form of WordPress plugins.

    @jjj Thanks. I’ll try and find time to support any tickets for including login and register page settings in WP itself.

    It does seem that setting up a decent bbPress forum will almost always involve installing other plugins too, and a list of the little issues that can be resolved by these should form part of the final FAQ/documentation.

    I’ve found that the plugin Register Plus Redux mentioned earlier lets me change the emailed link and is generally pretty useful.

    Given that by default the system is already using /wp-login.php as a login link unless overridden, it’s not exceptionally naff as I first thought for bbPress Login Widget to use that as a default and allow admin to override it.

    So who/where do I nudge to get the bbPress Login Widget extended to include an over-ridable Register link when logged out?

    John James Jacoby


    Probably the place for it to get the most developer discussion is in the Trac. I’ll put it In the 2.1 milestone, since we’re already in beta for 2.0.

    I’m against the idea of using wp_register(); since it redirects you to wp-login.php to sign-up instead of using a registration page in the theme. Also, the idea with community sites like bbPress and BuddyPress, is usually to keep members out of the admin area. Promoting them to enter it seems counter intuitive.

    Thanks, I missed the part where you mentioned integrating the register/login pages into bbP. Looking forward to more discussion and potential solutions on this.

    Would wp_register() not actually display an admin link, since we’d only use it if ( !is_user_logged_in() )?



    Hi ,

    I have been user the login widget however when I sign in to reply on a topic it redirects me to a page which lists all the topics under the same forum . Isn’t it logical for the user to stay on the same page to post a reply .



    I am using Profile Builder. Excellent plugin for registration.

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