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  • @rewindcaz I actually disabled all of the default avatar systems that WordPress provides and created my own with a few small functions. I needed a custom made plugin because each avatar on the site is unlocked when you receive a new card to your collection.  Users can also customize their chosen avatar with nine alternative colours, which helps provide individuality.

    As I’ve received a ton of feedback from the Rats Clan bbPress forum I’m going to start blogging about my code – I’ll make sure this is one of my posts! 🙂

    I always presumed ‘closed’ meant no new topics, but still allowed replies until this morning! I would love to have a workaround for this, as currently my members can’t enter my competition topics.

    Is playing with function bbp_get_topic_caps() the best way to go? I would be satisfied in replacing all ‘closed’ forums with the ability to still reply.

    Not be the most elegant solution, but it’ll have to do for now:

    //redirect user profile topic permalinks to fix pagination, as we have topics embedded on profiles
    function rats_redirect_user_pagination( $pagination ) {
    // Get bbPress
    $bbp = bbpress();
    if (bbp_is_single_user() && is_array($pagination) && isset($pagination['base']) ) {
    //if topics has not been included in the url yet
    $check_topic = strpos($pagination['base'], '/topics/page/');
    if($check_topic === false) {
    $pagination['base'] = str_replace('/page/','/topics/page/', $pagination['base']);
    //return pagination array
    return $pagination;
    add_action('bbp_topic_pagination', 'rats_redirect_user_pagination', 99, 1 );

    Thanks for my diagnosis Stephen – that’s a massive help.

    The site is so new that I’m not sure anyone other than myself has even used a second page. So there’s no rush. I’ll try to work on a fix this upcoming weekend.

    Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you like the design! 🙂

    Disabled my cache plugin and re-saved permalink and forum settings with no luck.

    I’ve scanned my custom code to see if there’s a custom hook I’ve played with in the past that’s overwriting it – but can’t find anything.

    Here’s the problem page:

    I’ve tried re-saving both my Permalinks and Forum settings and I’m still having issues.

    My settings are:
    Common Settings
    Post name

    Archive Slugs
    Forums base – forums
    Topics base – topics

    Great news to hear about 2.2 and thanks for your support John. Unfortunately I’m working to a deadline, so I’m forced to use any temporary fix for now.

    From notes mentioned in threads above I followed these directions and have been able to re-move the fatal error…

    – Stripped out the entire BBP_Twenty_Ten class in my child’s functions.php file
    – Temporarily disabled the plugins folder by renaming it ‘plugins~’
    – Reload the admin page to get back on the dashboard
    – Rename the plugins folder back to its original ‘plugins’
    – Re-enabled the updated bbPress version on the Plugins page
    – Re-save my Permalinks and Forum settings

    Sorry John, my mistake whilst in a panic: it is the child theme’s function.php which is causing the error, the line: class BBP_Twenty_Ten extends BBP_Theme_Compat

    I have custom code in the main theme function file, but not the child. Strange that I have been updating bbPress fine with that exact same custom code during the past two updates.

    Another forum post of interest. Could it be related to a priority issue? I’m really not sure where to begin looking through my custom code – so any clues will help.

    I’ll keep digging and report if I can diagnose anything more.

    Just a heads up, I’ve been reading this and similar posts and I can’t find a solid solution.

    I can confirm I wasn’t updating anything other than bbPress and I do not have BuddyPress installed nor any other plugins conflicting.

    Any help will be much appreciated!

    Just got exactly the same issue whilst updating today. Fatal error: Class ‘BBP_Theme_Compat’ not found in …/wp-content/themes/***/functions.php on line 32

    I had just updated to bbPress 2.1.3
    – Using WordPress 3.4.2
    – ‘toolbox‘ theme
    – a child theme which was a clone of bbPress 2.0 standard theme

    Line 32 of my functions.php reads if ( ! function_exists( 'toolbox_setup' ) )

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)