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    Hi ,

    I have been user the login widget however when I sign in to reply on a topic it redirects me to a page which lists all the topics under the same forum . Isn’t it logical for the user to stay on the same page to post a reply .



    Have been facing a number of issues with themes :

    1. Twenty ten and the child theme that comes packaged with the plugin

    The fourm listing page does not show up . ( The page with all the main forums .

    2, Under theme compatibility I face similar issues

    Though with Erudite theme the links for the main forum did show up on the main forums page.

    3. Lets say I want the forum to show up on a sub-domain?

    4. Wouldn’t it be just easier to have the option to have a separate theme just for forums ?

    Example just go to the dashboard and enable a theme specifically for

    the bbpress forums as one does for multi site ?

    5. Are you planning on stopping development for the standalone bbpress installation ?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)